Affirmative Care Home for Assisted Living in Tucson Arizona


Call 520 906-0277 for a free tour of our clean and friendly home!
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The best place for your parent or loved one!


We currently have a private room for a gentleman or lady.
Please call 520 906-0277 to arrange a tour of the home including a look at our bright cheery rooms. We accept residents at the Personal Care level and Directed Care level.
  Come on in and check us out!
We are located at:              8074 E. 8th Street,            Tucson AZ 85710
520 906-0277 ( Marie Cell ) 520 298-2347 ( 8th St. Phone )



When we bought the business eight years ago we wanted to make the best Assisted Living Home in Tucson.

We have the team;
We have the activities;
We have the facility; and
We have the residents to claim that title!


Some of our residents would not recognize danger (directed care). Some residents are sharp!

We do not care for residents that are always angry or depressed. But everyone is entitled to a bad hair day.

We also request that residents that must smoke and drink alcohol live elsewhere.




Bingo with the residents is a fun game and
we enjoy others too.






Our deck in the back yard provides room for reading, games and beauty. The bricks make the surface easy for walkers and wheelchairs
Our back yard is shady from trees and oleanders.


Families enjoy visiting in our patio





Quiet, peaceful and beautiful.


Our recreation room


Visitors are always welcome.




In the unlikely event of a fire, our home is equipped with automatic sprinklers - they pop down when heat comes.






Enjoy fresh grapefruit from our tree


We assist our residents with activities of daily living such as getting our of beds and chairs, escorting them while they walk, dressing, showering, grooming, and we take care of all medication administration.

Our awake staff can assist with night time needs whether it's a trip to the bathroom or a midnight snack :-)

We balance the need for our residents to be independent with their need to be safe.



Scrabble is a popular pass time


 Our staff offers compassionate continuity of care to our residents.



Fresh fruit in our kitchen is always
available in case of a hunger attack!


With home cooking, four refrigerated food storage units spotless facilities and a wide range of activities for the mind, body and spirit, our home offers a family atmosphere where your parent can enjoy a sense of belonging and being loved.





Home made cookies anyone?


Our beautician Sue Nixon provides full service to our residents every week.

Telephone (520) 298-2347
Our licensed staff is on site 24 hours a day - they are all certified by the State of Arizona at the Supervisory Care, Personal Care, and Directed Care Service levels.


Our mission is to provide a home for our residents that is friendly, safe and clean - a place where our residents look forward to returning after an outing.

Manager: Marie A. Tan


(520) 906-0277
Owner: Affirmative Care Inc.


(520) 298-2347
Billing: 2302 S. Quail Hollow Drive                                  Tucson, AZ 85710  
Mail checks to: 2302 S. Quail Hollow Drive                                 Tucson, AZ 85710  
8th Street Campus: 8074 E. 8th Street
                              Tucson AZ 85710


  (520 298-2347
FAX (520) 298-2350


Affirmative Care, Inc., dba Affirmative Care Home (Facility License ACH-076)

Here are some placement agencies we work with. They are all good.
If you are looking for a great referral agency in Tucson click on the following websites and check them out:



Note: If you are a family member or care giver to a person that is terminally ill, you may find comfort in the Website "Crossing the Creek" A Practical Guide To Understanding Death And The Process Of Dying. To get there, click here. 2011